Cohn Farms




Cohn Farms offers a range of processing and packaging lines for its customers. We can also accommodate most made-to-order requests, so please contact us for further information.


We process and package the following vegetables:
• Potatoes. Whole peeled, Parisienne, Chateau, Silced, Diced (skin off or on), Shredded, French Fries and Wedged (skin off or on), plus any specialty cuts
• Carrots. Whole peeled
• Onions. Whole peeled, diced
• Other processed vegetables. Available upon request on a made-to-order basis

Cohn Farms is the exclusive potato processor for Beattie’s Distillers.


Cohn Farms offers packaging and distribution of a range of vegetables, and can accommodate any special requests. All of our products are packed in a range of sizes, in paper and poly bags, master bags, and boxes to suit all of our customer’s requirements.
• Potatoes: White, red, and yellow
• Carrots
• Onions: Yellow and red
• Beets: Red and gold
• Parsnips
• Any other special customer requests